måndag 21 maj 2012

Virtually Wonderful

Rose Borchovski's Goodbye Susa Bubble party last night could have been a sad affair but it was virtually wonderful!

Positively WONDERFUL Jaynine Scarborough was giving us a string of pearls from her rich songbook of personalized covers and own material.

The two lovebirds Rose and SaveMe (coming in late after 6 hours drive) fighting it out as usual, but no casualties this time.

Rose only ejected SaveMe once!

When eminent DJ Katje Jewell started up her stream the party let loose. Here some pics (more on Facebook)

It is no exaggeration to say that the party air was full of love (You probably all had an orgy after Apmel went to bed!)...


4 kommentarer:

Kandinsky sa...

This was something I really looked forward too but without computer...
...on top of that in a very bad flu...somebody is punishing me. Can it be GOD?

Written on my husbands sl-forbidden work-computer.

Apmel sa...

GOD is a harsh and mean character!

savemeoh sa...

A woman who allows her husband to forbid her to work on his computer for very important work doesn't deserve to be present.

Kandinsky sa...

Somehow he thinks his work for money writing his articles is more important than my interesting research in sl.
Yes I have to divorce of course. Such a materialist.