lördag 28 augusti 2010

“eBookFest” comes to Second life

The Association " ESPLICA noprofit " (http://www.esplicat.it) , in cooperation with “Second Physics”, “Immersiva.2life”, “SL_art” and “Solaris Experience”announces the twinning with “ebook.fest” (http://www.ebookfest.it) that will take place in Fosdinovo (MS), Italy on the 10-11-12 of September 2010.

In the same time of the event “ebook.fest” a twin station will be built in the land of “Second Physics” where we'll organize meetings and cross-universe debates which will offer to the digital publishing of Second Life a prestigious windows to increase the value of culture, science and trainig activities in the metaverse. ESPLICA, through the linked groups, will ask publishers, editors, vendors, librarians, graphyc composers, authors and readers of the digital books spread in SL to partecipate to the events from SL to RL. Who is interested can have a contact with the organizers in SL sending an e_mail to SecondPhysics@gmail.com.
(English version written by Amelie Panache)

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