tisdag 1 september 2015

Portraits of Kerupa Flow Unveiled @ Gallery 24

Utställningen pågår under september och oktober och kuratorn Kayly Iali har påpassligt gjort denna intervju med Kerupa Flow. Läs den och ta er dit. Farbror Ib gjorde det redan igår innan allt var riktigt färdigställt. Vilket var bra eftersom det lockar till snart återbesök.


Rejv på Drive In

Tyske Ichi chun lät basen rulla megatungt över drive in-scenen när kvällens och nattens technorejv började på Fiteiro Cultural vid elvatiden igår. Och det var precis vad alla vi där tycktes behöva.

måndag 31 augusti 2015

Looking for loopholes in reality #5


Logic will be preserved

Apmel Goosson: huhu
ush Underwood: huhu sorry my tp shot me directly in your cellar
Apmel Goosson: it is good because I put up some erotic paintings from 1800
Apmel Goosson: ..you wanted to talk about time

ush Underwood: well .. talking about time travels
Apmel Goosson: well the problem going back in time is that you might change the future and that would create chaos in the logic of existence
ush Underwood: if another person goes back und changes the past ...in an other way than i did .. which change will work ?
Apmel Goosson: that is why it is not consistent.. unless there are more than one past..and more than one future like in the many worlds quantum interpretation
Apmel Goosson: OR the universe is classical but probabilistic

Apmel Goosson: the manyworlders think the multiverse is deterministic
Apmel Goosson: but if the universe is not then there would be a probability of changing the past..and it wouldn't matter..since everything is probabilities anyway
Apmel Goosson: so logic would be preserved
Apmel Goosson: BUT there is a third possibility.. that the universe is a fake
ush Underwood: is a logic needed ? i always think --- the universe isnt created by logic
ush Underwood: my presence was my future yesterday
Apmel Goosson: well it better be consistent..unless it is a fake

ush Underwood: on my lil roof terrace ,, i found an hour before many very tiny animal on the floor
ush Underwood: maybe mites
ush Underwood: hundreds of them
ush Underwood: i stroke bach wit 4 cans of hot water
Apmel Goosson: you killed them!! maybe they were our future!
ush Underwood: hm
ush Underwood: too late

Apmel Goosson: good thing it is only probable or happened in a parallel universe
ush Underwood: you think out future .is damaged?
Apmel Goosson: probably
ush Underwood: how much time do we have still ?
Apmel Goosson: if the universe is a fake there is no time
ush Underwood: gimme another word for TIME
Apmel Goosson: no time is a good word for something we don't know what it is
ush Underwood: i searched in internet .. what we know for sure and what not
Apmel Goosson: what did you learn?
ush Underwood: we dont know
ush Underwood: we have some numbers and measurements ... and we use some natural events for our purpose
Apmel Goosson: the only thing we can be sure about is that whatever one thinks one knows about time is wrong
ush Underwood: we dont need a time ... but time needs us
Apmel Goosson: it is time that makes relativity and quantum not go together
Apmel Goosson: so something has to go

ush Underwood: and dont forget .. this mysterious "DARK matter and energy
ush Underwood: and my mites
Apmel Goosson: sure.. I think your mites might be the key to everything
ush Underwood: i tried to get contact to them and used a watering can with hot water
ush Underwood: maybe this was a step in the wrong direction
Apmel Goosson: if they are the running the show it might have been problematic
ush Underwood: thought i am running my place
Apmel Goosson: if the universe is a fake..it might as well be the mites
ush Underwood: but see SL is no fake .. we need a password
Apmel Goosson: the universe is a fake idea is that it is like SL ..and that someone is working on changing it into Sansar
Apmel Goosson: we only think we live in a physical space with real time.. but actually only live inside a virtual world
Apmel Goosson: and most of the power to run it goes to running our minds.. it only runs bits and pieces of the physics when we look.. not otherwise.. it is a fake

Apmel Goosson: the organ that demands most of energy is our brain..that is just another way of saying that
ush Underwood: but our pain and fear feels rather real
Apmel Goosson: those things are just appearances
Apmel Goosson: it doesn't make it any less horrible..if they weren't appearances we wouldn't even know about them
Apmel Goosson: I found this site by Brian Tomasik today http://reducing-suffering.org
Apmel Goosson: he is working for Foundational Research Institute where researchers from diverse fields examine how humanity can best reduce suffering in the future.
ush Underwood: the dictators worldwide will be impressed
Apmel Goosson: well maybe the insects will be more impressed.. they worry about their suffering also
Apmel Goosson: they even ask the question: Is There Suffering in Fundamental Physics?
Apmel Goosson: if physics isn't a fake maybe atoms suffer
Apmel Goosson: and if that is the case maybe it is better if it is a fake

ush Underwood: maybe there are more options than fake multiverses and so on
Apmel Goosson: yes.. but not many that allow us timetravel
ush Underwood: we move timefull forward ..
Apmel Goosson: movement is not global
Apmel Goosson: it is an approximate local property
Apmel Goosson: actually so is the universe in the many world quantum theory
Apmel Goosson: "the entity that quantum theory directly refers to, namely the multiverse, is only imperfectly explained at present, in terms of approximative entities such as universes" (Deutsch)

ush Underwood: and you are starting to falsificate it ?
ush Underwood: this cellar will be famous hundred years forward
Apmel Goosson: for its paintings?
Apmel Goosson: or the pool table?
Apmel Goosson: or the balls?
ush Underwood: yes .. thats good for public
Apmel Goosson: we have to think of the public

Värt att bevaras


En turistattraktion som SL höll på att förlora, men som blir kvar, är SS Galaxy.

Apmel tog med kusinen och syrran dit. De valde bort barerna och biografen för poolen på övre däck.