fredag 26 augusti 2016


ush Underwood: the dog in pics ... from egyptsland until södertallje
ush Underwood: dogs in art pics
ush Underwood: there are many
ush Underwood:

Apmeljinnee: that is a lot of dogs
ush Underwood: here are 4 or 5 pics ,,, "dogs in art"
Apmeljinnee: dogs are more fun to wrestle with that to look at in paintigs
ush Underwood: there is this man with dog .. piv of the stone age...
ush Underwood: cave painting
Apmeljinnee: cave paintings are cool

ush Underwood: Pieter_Bruegel_the_Elder_-_Hunters_in_the_Snow_Winter
ush Underwood: some doggies more -- a famous pic bzw
Apmeljinnee: nice painting
ush Underwood: i am sure .. in old pics like hieronymus bosch and breughel you can find more interesting doggs

ush Underwood:
ush Underwood: i mean an exhibition like this .. starting with wolves
Apmeljinnee: wolves are a mans best friend
Apmeljinnee: wolves started hanging with ppl long before we learned agriculture

ush Underwood:
ush Underwood: very hot topic
Apmeljinnee: yes..young woman playing with a dog.. looks nice
ush Underwood: in paris were the so called lapdogs forbidden for yera .. because the ladies liked these tongues..
ush Underwood: blush

ush Underwood: should be a part of a "dogs . exhubition" ..
Apmeljinnee: hmm.. taking you to this exhibit became a veritable DOG OVERLOAD
ush Underwood: look at the fragonard pic
Apmeljinnee: that was the one I mentioned
Apmeljinnee: but I didn't see the dog at first
ush Underwood: where did you look?

Apmeljinnee: oh here comes the artist
kayly iali (kayly.iali): hi Ush and Apmel
kayly iali (kayly.iali): I'm the artist
ush Underwood: hello kayly
Apmeljinnee: hi kayly

kayly iali (kayly.iali): thanks for dropping by
kayly iali (kayly.iali): if you have any question let me know
ush Underwood: you like dogs ?
kayly iali (kayly.iali): I do
kayly iali (kayly.iali): I have a dog
kayly iali (kayly.iali): and her portrait is of the little brown dog looking up...the chihuahua mix
ush Underwood: its cute
kayly iali (kayly.iali): thanks
kayly iali (kayly.iali): the other half is miniature pinscher

kayly iali (kayly.iali): how about you? dog lover?
ush Underwood: i love the most so called animals
ush Underwood: dogs too of course
Apmeljinnee: indeed you do.. even me
kayly iali (kayly.iali): lol

ush Underwood: i like even spiders
ush Underwood: they have 8 legs and mostly 8 eyes
kayly iali (kayly.iali): you have a spider as a pet?
ush Underwood: some are im my rooms .. in the corners
kayly iali (kayly.iali): LOL

The Art of Chat Openings

ush Underwood: is this a wonder that sweet molly malone was a fishmonger ?
ush Underwood: i am testing chat openings
ush Underwood: btw it was no wonder .. cause so did her father and mother before
Apmeljinnee: aha.. I was going to check out an exhibit about dogs..actually
ush Underwood: you are not an exhibition piece...
Apmeljinnee: I'm to sexy for that
ush Underwood: oh yes .. there is a german saying ... "apmeljinnee is too sexy for all"

Det regnar på Solen

Ett tips för den som är morgonpigg (9:30 PM PDT fredagkväll är halv sju på lördagmorgonen svensk tid)..

University of Hawaii, Institute for Astronomy Presents:
"I've seen fire, and I've seen rain --- on the Sun!"

By: Dr. Tom Schad
Friday, Aug 26th at 9:30 PM PDT
Institute for Astronomy - U. Hawaii Astronomy Amphitheater:

And on the web:

It rains on the Sun! But it's not made of water, like on Earth, or methane like on Titan. And, sorry to say, its not diamonds, like on Jupiter and Saturn. No, solar rain is cool solar material, mostly hydrogen and helium, that is still thousands of degrees hot. But compared to the super hot million degree solar corona, that is cold! This talk will discuss recent breakthroughs in the study of solar coronal rain. With the Daniel K Inouye Solar Telescope, we aim to study this beautiful phenomenon like never before, which may help us understand the behavior of active magnetic fields on the Sun that so often affect us here on Earth.

torsdag 25 augusti 2016

ArtSea Muzeum - Intro

Ush tipsade Apmelsprivatabankman om detta konstmuseum, som kommer att få en hel serie här på bloggen.

ush Underwood: i found a museum with cheap reproductions of art
ush Underwood: most pics are old art
Apmelsprivatabankman: they all sell for 8 lindens!
ush Underwood: its cheap yes
Apmelsprivatabankman: very
Apmelsprivatabankman: but this is a nice looking museum

ush Underwood: so you can buy some more pics and change them ..
Apmelsprivatabankman: I like this place very much..thanks for showing me.. I will come back later and take a good look around

Handväskorna med konstmotiv kostade 15 Linden. Jag återkommer om konsten våning för våning trots att jag nu upptäckte att Vanadis Falconer bloggade om ArtSea Muzeum redan 2010. Vart tog du vägen Vanadis?

Sensationell flaskpost

Group Notice From: Science Center, Nora Gerhadsen

Today a team of astronomers announced that they have discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, in the middle of its habitable zone. The planet has a mass of 1.3 Earth masses, and with its 11.2-day-long orbit, should be at the right temperature to have liquid water on its surface. This must be one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy.

And now we know where humanity will send its first interstellar mission.

onsdag 24 augusti 2016

Salsa för sig själva

De kom inte in på SL för tisdagssalsan på Tequila SunRise Club men med musikströmmen TROPICALISIMA.FM SALSA tog syskonen Apmel och Apmelina igen det när de väl kom in.


Happily good

Apmelsprivatabankman: I kind of like several of these.. but need your expert opinion
ush Underwood: depends whatfor you need the works .. hanging them above the couch? or in the gallery ?
Apmelsprivatabankman: well I haven't decided yet..
Apmelsprivatabankman: anyone you like?
ush Underwood: well .. all the works of ohso are clever done
ush Underwood: decorative
Apmelsprivatabankman: you think they are decorations rather than art
ush Underwood: good decorations
Apmelsprivatabankman: yes.. i agree
ush Underwood: pleasant agreable likeable
ush Underwood: they are suitable especially for public rooms
Apmelsprivatabankman: dentists?
ush Underwood: well .. yes .. THE HAPPY DENTIST

tisdag 23 augusti 2016

Hade tänkt dansa salsa ikväll men det ser mörkt ut..

Jag kommer inte in med någon av mina avatarer eller med någon av mina viewers :(

Tuesday Night Salsa - Dance With Us!

╔══╗♥ ►╔══╗♥ ╔══╗♥ ╔══╗♥ ►╔══╗
╫▨ ահօ : ♥ DJ Laura Royce ♥
╫▨ ահɑէ : ♬ Salsa Fever ♬
╫▨ ահҽղ : ✭ 2:00 PM SLT ♬
╫▨ ɑէ: ⊱♬ Tequila SunRise Club ♬⊰
╫▨ Join us! Party Time!
╚══╝♥ ►╚══╝♥ ╚══╝♥ ╚══╝♥ ►╚══╝

Från Apmel till Echo

eller när Apmelina flydde från Mount Whitney till Hare and Raven.