torsdag 26 maj 2016

Farbror Ib citerar

Ett up-to-date citat från en bloggkollega.

It’s insulting to those who engage in creative, artistic projects not for monetary profit but because they find intrinsic meaning in doing so. It’s insulting to all those who contributed anything on the Web like a blog, a wiki, an instructional aid a youtube video, or whatever it may be, that was not a commercial venture and instead owed its existence to the fact that its creator or creators were passionate about it.

Extropia DaSilva - Mind Child's musings: HOW JOBS DESTROY WORK (PART ONE)

Apmeljinnee in the Morning

Martini in the Morning is not bad, but this is completely different :)

tisdag 24 maj 2016

Facing Music: DeceptionsDigital spiced with SaveMe

I am not at my home I am on a laptop but its my RL birthday :)
so I will play a few of my tracks I have on soundcloud ..would be happy to see you :))

Apmelina Slingshot: shouts: lovely music DD
DD (deceptionsdigital): all the tracks i play are for download at my soundcloud and this is called black cat

Facing Music: DJ Sunshine Szavanna with Putumayo African Music

Today's jive is inspired by the amazing Putumayo project ( and their amazing compliations of world tunes. Today we wiggle to a Putumayo album that is simply called African music. There will be Zim vibes, soukous music, zulu guitar sounds, reggae beats and much more - come feel the Afro vibe with us. / Sunshine(szavanna)

Apmelina Slingshot: haven't been here for al long while it seems
(bafana.beaumont): shouts: APMElLINAAAAAAAAA
Sunshine (szavanna): what would we do without Apmelina
Sunshine (szavanna): don't even want to imagine

Facing Music: Gaia Kitten

Hiya! Its Gaia Kitten here, I just finished.. my in-world record store where my independent label is based.. If you are interested to come and check it out I would love to!

The studio had lots of links to her music on Bandcamp, Reverbnation, iTunes and of course SoundCloud. Where Apmelina found this gem :)

Facing Summer

When Apmelina saw Strawberry Sing's blog about the new Catwa Nicki Static Female Mesh Head for L$100 she decided to try it out, at least for the start of the summer.