tisdag 28 juni 2016

Old Time Fashion

Group Notice: The Magic of Erte! - Walter Gedenspire
Experience Erte's superb designs in a stunning Art Deco setting in Gedenspire Gallery II.
Erte's work influenced an entire art movement that was to become known as Art Deco.
Throughout this period, the Erte also created original costume and fashion designs for many of the era’s most renowned screen actresses, including Joan Crawford, Lillian Gish, Marion Davies, Anna Pavlova, Norma Shearer, and others.


Apmelsprivatabankman: huhu..you like art deco?
ush Underwood: yes .. everyone does

ush Underwood: best of art deco is jewelry
Apmelsprivatabankman: really?
ush Underwood: well .. its my approach

ush Underwood: whats your entanglement with art deco ?
Apmelsprivatabankman: not much .. but I thought this dress I bought for 10 linden would look good here
ush Underwood: just ten linden .. looks like 45
Apmelsprivatabankman: I think it looks at least 60
ush Underwood: including taxes .. sure
Apmelsprivatabankman: haha

ush Underwood: whatever .. its a interesting exhibition here .. i will visit it once more
Apmelsprivatabankman: happy you liked it
ush Underwood: i really do ..but i am sorry .. but must run now :(

More about Erté

Apmeljinnee discovers Cool Rush thanks to Annie

Apmeljinnee put on his space outfit again and visited Kandiii Kidd's Cool Rush thanks to Annie Brightstar's Scoop where she quotes the beginning of the famous Tears in rain monologue from Blade runner: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate."

For some reason Annie left out the very last words of dying replicant in the film: "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears...in...rain. Time to die."


Apmelina studies Organic Geometry by Morlita @ TheEye


måndag 27 juni 2016

Do you know this face from somewhere?

The Galleries: WEST: Moewe Winkler

Group Notice From: .:SL Art:., Ernie Farstrider
Our experimentalist, Moewe Winkler has struck again! This new show defies ... well, defies definition. Either she is onto a new form of computer graphics kinetics ... or there is a subtext to "Silent Chant" that will reveal itself in time. Take it at face value, I guess: do you know this face from somewhere?


söndag 26 juni 2016

The Lounge by the Bay for the Best Jazz in SL

Apmel Ibbetson: this new club is very nice..and the music is as good as ever
Strider (bj.mefusula): yay Apmel!
Contessa Susanto: thanks Apmel :)

The Lounge's shoutcast board: The Brut Imperial Quintet - Stiff Jazz

Herbie Hancock feat. Michael Brecker, John Scofield - Thieves in the Temple

Don Byas Quartet - Ain't Misbehavin'

Archie Semple - After Last Night With You

Sidney Bechet - Old Man Blues

Mike Goudreau Jazz Band - Miss Wonderful

Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (with Ingrid Jensen) - Springville

GoGo Penguin - Last Words

The Lounge Contacter: Trow Boa and the amazing robot band now live on stage!!!

Strider (bj.mefusula): welcome to Lounge on the Bay
(xaphyre.ansar): so to all our regular friends, please remember this will be our new locaion after today
(xaphyre.ansar): a reminder, please feel free to check out the ors d'oeuvre tables, and grab you some wine, saki or chmapagne, or if you prefer non-alcoholic, we have fresh brewed green tea!