onsdag 27 maj 2015

Wine Cups Theremin - MT Whitney Vinery Sounds

AlexandreLois1: what does this have to the theremin?
Apmel Goosson: you have the wine organ behind you

AlexandreLois1: Play touching the CUPS, WALK beside each one or SWiM underwater to compose your partiture. Great music, like great wine, is not easily produced. Take your time! Enjoy :-)
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mount%20Whitney/131/135/23
Apmel Goosson: exactly.. Glasz DeCuir sent out that notice earlier today ..try it yourself

AlexandreLois1: Well done. Full Shiz
AlexandreLois1: I'm a composer
AlexandreLois1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oTxNX4jaxA

Apmel Goosson: great ..thank you for your visit Alexandre Lois
AlexandreLois1: Come Sunday at my concert in the Medici uni http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA23/219/90/25
Apmel Goosson: what time?
AlexandreLois1: 1 pm SLT

Even Apmel could do it!

Fun With NPC's Tutorial 1, Presented by Nara Malone. The first in a series of NPC tutorials I am doing with Nina Camplin. This is simple and basic--how to make an NPC with the NPC kit we give away at Nara's Nook grid. Peregrine Hawk, a two-day-old new to Opensim avatar, helps me demonstrate how easy it is.

In this first tutorial Nara shows how easy it is to set up an NPC (Non Player Character).
The 'Easy NPC Kit' can be obtained from Nara's Nook Learning Lab:

Ok, håret följde inte med, men annars gick allt smärtfritt. Nu gäller det bara att få klonen att göra annat än att knyta skosnörena. Och kanske gärna en klon gjord på Spike Sol istället för på Apmel Metropolison.

Apmel Metropolison: hello Spike
Spike Sol: Guten Tag

Men den möjligheten fanns inte enligt medföljande notecard.

*Warning, please remove all scripted items you are wearing: HUDS, AO, Facelight, scripted shoes, before making an NPC. NPCs with scripted attachments can sometimes cause problems in regions when they are deleted.

1) Dress the way you want the NPC to look.
2) click the poseball and it will save your appearance
3) Click it again and the NPC will rez.
4) The poseball can be dragged around to where you want it while the NPC is rezzed. You can also add or change the animations.
5) Turn the NPC off before you take into inventory. If you forget there is an NPC deleter included for removing your mistakes. Click it once and the escaped NPC will disappear.

You can change the animations inside the poseball. Delete what is there and add the ones you like. Then simply position the poseball where you want the NPC to sit, stand, dance or whatever.

Intimate gathering today on Sheri's venue on mainland

Apmelsprivatabankman got this nice sounding invitation. The table where she sits is actually on the neighbours parcel that also is nice looking :)

Wednesday - May 27th - 12 Noon - 3pm

"Slice of SL Music with Sheri"

After nearly eight years in Second Life, I have recently purchased a sliver of Mainland... right on SL Highway 12.
Have the perfect way to celebrate -
Inviting you to "SLICE OF SL MUSIC with Sheri" A small intimate gathering to enjoy the music of :

TIP CORBETT at 12 noon (cancelled)

Come for three hours of music that creates balance, recharges and renews. Come share their joyfilled music with me.


Hope to see you

BobbiJo Jonson/Sheri (in RL)
Votslav Hax
Symbiotic Productions

tisdag 26 maj 2015


Sitting up typing when the guests have gone to bed

We have RL guests since some days and my focus on SL has been a little less than usual. Not that that has stopped me getting into drama. On the contrary!

Let me first say that I had plans to maybe log into SL and just park one of my avatars somewhere where there were soothing music late evening swedish time. I am NOT a social person and having people staying over as fun as it is is also very strenuous psychologically for me. I made the mistake of putting out a blog that I shared on FB about the only show that I was aware of at the time that fitted my purpose. In my blog I will write now and then about art events or concerts that I might consider sending one of my avatars to. But I have never claimed to be writing an art blog or an event blog - music or otherwise.

Well, tonight my friend and venue owner Roxy Gellar had thoughts on why I didn't write about what was going on at her venue tonight especially as she well knew I liked the artists that were going to perform there. Echo Starship I have been blogging about and supporting ever since he was running the music pub The Notes Shack under a different name back in 2009. And of course anyone that has read my blog even sporadically couldn't have missed how fond I am of Morlita Quan. So, I played a prank on Roxy and displayed her complaint to the world. The next thing I knew I couldn't open her page on FB!

Well, it is back up for me again now, after I had to befriend her again. Sometimes my jokingly retaliating acts don't go over to well.

Neither does my outspokenness about how utterly boring religious motives in art are to me. But I do think it is funny to follow the expected comments following them, like this one in a recent blog by Bryn Oh.

Btw I happened to read that comment just after having read this article in The New York Times: ‘Defending the Faith’ in the Middle East. And again, of course I cannot blame Dividni Shostakovich for not having read my historical blogs from my book Populär Världsbildsvetenskap Boknummer 2 2006 in swedish.

But I can blame Reddit for having shadowbanned Apmel even after he only started posting in the subreddit for SL started getting traffic and didn't break any of their rules: "We didn't ban you. REDDIT has banned you. You didn't break any of our subreddit's rules."

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that the Canadian site StumbleUpon that has given my blog top traffic for a long time all of a sudden rejected my posts with a short message and NO explanation: Sorry, we don't accept submissions from this site.

How does all this make me feel? GREAT!
I had started thinking blogging not only was outdated but also boring. Not even the blog UWA and this blog no longer associated a while back helped much. Now it is fun again :)

I'll be back with my usual blogs in a day or two.

söndag 24 maj 2015

In the Cave Bar for the Last Time

Group Notice From: UniT Art, sChen

The sim Isola, part of Grandblue, will change the owner, that means the soul of forest will be gone end of this month.
For that we make a tiny event with jazz music :)
Just meeting and relaxing and talking and enjoy :)

It will be on sunday 05/24 22:00 JPT/ 06:00 SLT/ 15:00 CET

in the cave bar

Thank you!

Obedience is for those who read things into religious symbols

or have read about or heard of some 4000 year old story that is alluded to here. It is probably good art, but like I don't get much from reading good literature about a subject matter I don't care about I have not much more to say. Read instead the blogs by Bryn Oh and Ziki Questi, then look at these two machinimas and if you are still interested please go and visit the virtual installation at LEA1 or preferably if you have the means visit the RL installation GEHORSAM in Berlin by Saskia Boddeke (Rose Borchovski in Second Life) and Peter Greenaway.


lördag 23 maj 2015


SL håller sig med något som kallas Maturity ratings som kommer med tre sätt att flagga en sim, som PG, Moderate eller Adult. Den senare flaggningen har orsakat en del olika tolkningar på sistone i SL-bloggar. Den behöver inte innebära att simmen är pornografiskt inriktad. De flesta simmar med denna flaggning är det förmodligen inte (Mount Whitney är t ex en Adult-sim).

Å andra sidan ska man inte vara säker på att en sim flaggad Moderate alltid är så oskyldig. Det upptäckte Apmelina när hon landade på Club Karma, flaggad som Moderate, och råkade när hon gick in genom första port hon såg vid landningsplatsen hamna i ett rum med bukkakebilder på väggarna.

Vad hon gjorde där? Letade efter annonserad housemusik förstås!



Halong Bay (119,125,22)