fredag 31 oktober 2014

Hela familjen fick spader

Alla i Apmels SL-familj har fått sina kort nu. Tyvärr var spader tre redan upptagen i
Vanessas CONCEPT: You’re Such a Card!

Questionable Priorities (vaneeesa.blaylock): You got all your choices... except 3 Spades was already taken
Apmelina Slingshot: Ok. Great! Poor Emma being surrounded by Apmels :)
Questionable Priorities (vaneeesa.blaylock): it happens
Questionable Priorities (vaneeesa.blaylock): she'll live

Nyhedningarnas största dag

Idag den 31 oktober är det Halloween vars ursprung är skördefesten Samhain som firades av kelterna på Irland och Skottland. Samhain är också den viktigaste högtiden i den nyhedniska religionen Wicca skapad på 1950-talet av britten Gerald Brosseau Gardner (1884-1964) som blev den mest betydelsefulle förespråkaren för modern häxkonst. Mitt yngsta barnbarn råkar ha födelsedag denna dag och man undrar hur det kommer att påverka hennes uppväxt nu när Halloweenfirandet blivit poppis i sin Disneyfierade variant även i Sverige.

En annan som fyller år denna dag är fransmannen Paris Obscur och man undrar om dennes mörka chansons har något med det sammanträffandet att göra. Han firar i SL ikväll att han är One Day Closer To DeathSun & Moon Cemetery..

Join us on Friday/Halloween at the Sun & Moon Family Cemetery!
Paris Obscur celebrates another trip around the Sun.
Echo Starship 1PM SLT
DeceptionsDigital 2PM
Paris Obscur 3PM…/Lionheart%20Pumbaa/153/221/3201

En annan av mina favoritmusiker i SL är som de flesta vet Ultraviolet Alter men när jag såg att hon skulle spela på galleri VALO ikväll tänkte jag först att jag kanske inte skulle vara välkommen pga vissa meningsskiljaktigheter med galleriägaren Stem van Helsinki nyligen, men det kom ändå en personlig inbjudan från hans partner Instincta så jag tvingas kanske gå emot min djupt inrotade motvilja mot religion, annan vidskeplighet och magiska föreställningar och försöka mig på trollkonsten att vara på två ställen samtidigt.

OnAirLIVE @ VALO gallery
Sat 01 : November : 2 pm SLT
Ultraviolet is with her greatest
and latest electronic music
@ VALO gallery OnAir LIVE

torsdag 30 oktober 2014

A sixpack of new films for MachinimUWA VII

Another visit to ArtWolf Eternal's Gallery and Art

One of Apmel's favorite paintings is "Story of Life" by ArtWolf Eternal. Looking at that today reminded him of a long overdue revisit to ART GALLERY ROUTE 7. ArtWolf's works can be seen on the 12th floor but she prefers that one starts at floor 8th to read the info about visual disabilities being visually disabled herself. And so was Marilyn Monroe btw.

On the 12th floor one can get a notecard telling more about this amazing artist and human and a good friend.

I make rl multicreative crafts ( woodcarving ,ceramic,tiffanyglass, metal works, rugs etc.),painting with acrylic and water colours.
In Real life I belong to the Blind peoples assocation, I have severe near - sight minus 20 dioptri but thanks to techonology I have 24hour/365 days contact lenses. So all my art is created with different way af seeing to that of normal sighted people.
I have no 3 dimensional information through my eyes ,I have been half blind from the age of 3 years old ,when my mother said look there is bird , I said no there is brown cloud on the floor and then she said look there is cow in field ,I said no its white and black cloud with golden point... my world has allways been like jumping into the middle of Monets painting ...but when I got my contact lenses ,all changed... and when I got into SL I find a world, that when I looked at it - wow ,Iam home now ,this is the way I have always have seen ,all flat and you need to guess how far things are ,are they round ,is there fall down or not....this looks how I see in rl
!!! But I can not fly or tp in rl and there I cannot edit like here :((

So my paintings have a story, never give up ,miracles are possible,remember look at the world with humour and kick ass to being hopeless. Look at all you see real life with new eyes ,what if you could not see 3 dimensions there ,could you survive crossing the street with no idea if a car is 2 meter from you or 20 meter from you would pain things when you cannot see how face is in 3 dimension. I have nearly 10 years of study in ceramics of the human face . Woodcarving gives also gives rl lessons in 3 dimensions.

Second Life gives a lot opprtunity for rl disabled peoples to show what they can do , I am sure there are myriad of hidden talents - and dont say you cant, you can if you really want, what ever it is..maybe you will be singer,book writer, or photographer ,or what all this virtual world gives..think that and scratch your head, asking " what shall I start..."

ArtWolf Eternal

My paintings have a story she says and the same goes for the viewer of them. The cat in "My Home" in a style she calls scanography Apmel had seen before but the collage "Blue Shaman" from 2014 was new to him.

But he still likes her acrylic paintings the best. Especially "Morning in Alpha Centaure", "Elements", "Dragon and Book" plus many more. Make a visit!

Angry Maids in Paris. The Movie (Director's Cut)

Angry Maids from NicoleX on Vimeo.

Mandel Solano gives us a great adventure in light, sound and animations with "See the Light in SL" @ LEA23

This exhibit by a fellow Stockholmer that almost became a virtual neighbor once is truly something your avatar has to experience, so don't spend too much time looking at my pics. Get over there!

Hello visitors
If you want to see Light, Shadows and
Projections in Second Life,
you need to set your Viewer
Click Graphics, Quality and speed:
set High or Ultra
You may need to set Shadows Sun/Moon
+ Projectors too, to see that effect..
And set Sun to Midnight
Good Luck
Mandel Solano

onsdag 29 oktober 2014

Thirzas warming up for safari over at Franco Grid

Spader Madame

Så där ja, nu fattas bara att få herrarna i familjen på kort.

Time for HG Safari on Franco Grid

HG Safari Week 24
please note the even starts at 9pm CET (that's 1pm grid time)
This one time only, the HG Safari will start at 1 pm SLT/PDT
Wizzy Gynoid

Welcome to our 24th weekly Hypergrid Safari!
Take a moment to friend all your fellow safaristas, so you can tp them if they need your help.
Remember to take the Lms off the Notecard immediately, if you do not receive them as separate items
If you picked up this notecard on metro or Craft, please note that tonight we meet on frangogrid at the new HG Safari HQ on sim hgsafari
HG Address:

Destination 1
EVER, the University of Strasbourg's grid. We are guests of Cheops Forlife, who's going to show us their virtual campus, and the Meta-Biblioteque-Numerique. First up Unistra, then MBN
HG Address
First jump:
then we will go to

Destination 2
Scofi Concert, Live in FrancoGrid! be ready to dance!
HG Address

Destination 3
Ignis Fatuus grid, this newly expanded and renewed world is a magical destination. Go to sim Eden first, when you're all rezzed, visit the many delights such as the 3D model of paris Opera on Tremplin, the fantasy meeting point of Gwelth or the exotic city on Valyria. Included in this pack is a Map of the grid.
HG Address
First jump:
then visit :, and choose a destination from the interactive map