onsdag 25 november 2015

Svensktalande britten Bernard bjöd på baluns på New Brighton

Bernard Herzog, är inte bara britt och ägare till och byggare av New Brighton, men också av en version av Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace Tower i SL, samt talar bra svenska! Han har bott i Sverige i fem år. Han bjöd dock inte upp Apmelsprivatabankman men väl på fyrverkeri då en gäst bjöd upp :)

Tyvärr dök det inte upp så många gäster denna kväll, men det löstes med hjälp av några vänner...

Musiken var mycket dansbar om än inte enbart renodlad soul som utlovats denna kväll på Seagull Arcade längst ut på piren. Men vem kan misstycka till exempelvis Tina Turner och Chubby Checker?


Stillsam öppning av andra fasen av Safe Night på LEA

Saffia Widdershins: We are having a very quiet opening today :-)
Saffia Widdershins: there are also some glades where over the next few weeks we'll be having posetry readings and music events :-)
Saffia Widdershins: There are two levels - this one and the lower level - the Forest
Saffia Widdershins: It's a place for contemplation and peace ...

Rubin Mayo: in Safe Night Phase 2 we feature a series of installations by Krystali Rabeni, Johannes1977 and Taralyn Gravois
Rubin Mayo: Daze of Innocence by Taralyn Gravois
Rubin Mayo: If These Walls Could Talk by Johannes1977
Rubin Mayo: The Safe Haven by Taralyn Gravois
Rubin Mayo: If The Beaten Woman Rises by Krystali Rabeni
Rubin Mayo: Silent Reflections by Krystali Raben


tisdag 24 november 2015

Art is Woman - and have a Safe Night

The galleries "Trésor de l'Art - Spazio Arte", "Lisa Expò" e "I Portici" are onorated to host the new exhibition titled "Art is Woman". This event is part in "2Lei in Second Life", to celebrate the "International Day for the Elimination of violence against Women".

Med tanke på temat är det kanske inte så konstigt, men symboliken i en del verk var väl övertydlig kunde Apmelina tycka. Konstnärens namn under varje bild utan vidare kommentarer. Börja här:

Sniper Siemens

Mistero Hifeng

Rubin Mayo

Solkide Auer

Kicca Igaly

Paola Mills

Duna Gant

Eviana Robbiani

Desy Magic

2Lei in Second Life fortsätter t o m torsdag denna vecka. Idag med One Billion Rising in Second Life på temat Safe Night.


One Billion Rising in Second Life in association with 2Lei in Second Life presents Safe Night, with Phase 2, the Art Park, opening today at 1.30pm SLT.

Our event centres around the theme of “Safe Night”. We want to encourage our visitors to reflect on the issue of what a safe night is – and how many women are denied it, whether it is the schoolgirls in Nigeria who were taken by Boko Haram, the Indian women forced out into fields at night and abused, women attacked – as they walk home alone, or women in their own home, not knowing whether the person they share it with will attack them tonight.

We have already opened Level 1 – Forest Haven is a tranquil spot to explore, relax, enjoy, and think: a beautiful and peaceful forest, curated by Aisling Sinclair. There are paths leading to beautiful natural features, and also places to pause and reflect on the theme of our planned event – the need for women to have freedom from fear of gendered violence, to be able to have a Safe Night.

Like its name, Forest Haven is meant to be a safe space, free from aggression. We ask that you keep that in mind during your visit.

On November 24th, we open the second level – the Art Park: special transport link at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA1/181/42/21

This will feature a series of powerful and thought-provoking installations by Krystali Rabeni, Johannes1977 and Taralyn Gravois on the theme of Safe Night. The installations and the forest are a project of One Billion Rising in Second Life in association with 2Lei in Second Life – groups that work to eliminate violence against women.

Thanks for visiting – have a peaceful stay!

Till kvinnan

To celebrate "International Day for the Elimination of violence against Women", in collaboration with "Lisa Expò" gallery and "I Portici" - a new gallery by Rubin Mayo - and with "2Lei In Second Life" Committe "Trésor de l'Art - Spazio Arte" organize the new exibition with 3d and 2d works by various Artists.


Tips för Soulälskare: SMOOCHERS: 2pm SLT TUESDAY

We'll be enjoying 2 hours of SWEET SOUL MUSIC in New Brighton's most exotic venue. Grab a partner and join us in the SEAGULL ARCADE on the pier!
Bernard Herzog


A Lap Dance for oldest Apmel and Ush learned a couple of things

This room on the third floor Apmel Ibbetson didn't find on his first visit to the exhibition "Splendors and Miseries - The Life of Courtesans" at Tremlays Gallery (Hafenviertel) but then again it hadn't really opened yet that time. Now it is open and you can find Impressions of the opening event in their blog. With the help of a notecard with a room map Apmelsprivatabankman also showed Ush around.

In parallel with a thematically similar exhibition which is presented at the moment in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris we show paintings, watercolors and graphics about the life of the courtesans in the time between 1850 and 1930.

Room Map:

Ground Floor
| |__6____|_7_ 8_ |
| | | |
| 3 | 1 | 5 |
|______|_______|___ __|
| | ? | |
| 2 | | 4 |
|______| |____ _|

Room 1: Lobby: From the waiting to the seduction
Room 2: Corner pavilion on the left: The hour of the lanterns
Room 3: Hall on the left: The great horizontals
Room 4: Corner pavilion on the right: Ambiguity in the public space
Room 5: Small hall on the right: Social reality
Room 6: Corridor: The friends of Toulouse-Lautrec from the Rue de Moulins
Room 7: Back room: For Vincent
Room 8: Stairwell: Behind the scenery

1st upper floor

| 8 |
| | | |
| 11 | | 10 |
|______|____ _|____ _|_

Room 9: 1st upper floor, Corridor: The sin
Room 10: 1st upper floor: The first room on the left (No. 101): Gustave Courbet - Intimate scenes and forbidden pictures
Room 11: 1st upper floor: The third room on the left (No. 103): The cloakroom of Sarah Bernhardt

3rd upper floor (teleport in the lobby)

Room 12: Space in the 3rd upper floor (Teleporter of the lobby): Place of the pleasure: The Moulin Rouge

The exhibition shows works of Louis Anquetin, Jean Béraud, Emile Bernard, Giovanni Boldini, Paul Cezanne, Georges Clairin, Thomas Couture, Edgar Degas, Gustave Courbet, Henri Eveneponel, Jean-Louis Forain, Henri Gervex, Aksel Waldemar Johannessen, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Edouard Manet, Edvard Munch, Félècien Rops, Johann Robert Schürch, Franz von Stuck, James Tissot, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Félix Vallotton and Hermann Vogel.

Apmelsprivatabankman: I will listen to you and you can tell me what we should learn here
ush Underwood: they look bored .. or exhausted
Apmelsprivatabankman: I think they mostly were
ush Underwood: one of the men is very exhausted
Apmelsprivatabankman: is he alive?
ush Underwood: or drunk
Apmelsprivatabankman: probably that
ush Underwood: maybe he is autonekrophile
Apmelsprivatabankman: haha

ush Underwood: seems as if the time of the great concubines is over
ush Underwood: just bitches today
Apmelsprivatabankman: well the exhibit is from older times yes
ush Underwood: you need royals for great concubines

ush Underwood: are there male concubines too ?
Apmelsprivatabankman: ..then they are called toyboys
ush Underwood: hm cocteau and Jean Marais...?
ush Underwood: apmel and science ?
Apmelsprivatabankman: you talk in riddles
ush Underwood: not so much

ush Underwood: its a nice exhib
Apmelsprivatabankman: yes.. many good paintings ,.,even I can see that
ush Underwood: hehe .. a munich artist
Apmelsprivatabankman: Franz Stuck
ush Underwood: women adored him

Apmelsprivatabankman: seems like we have come to the hotel part ..ppl rent here
Apmelsprivatabankman: would you want to rent this room?
ush Underwood: its good for depressions

Apmelsprivatabankman: what do you think of the idea to have part of the exhibit in hotel rooms?
ush Underwood: the idea is good

ush Underwood: female bodies look very different today
ush Underwood: must leave .. but learned two things
Apmelsprivatabankman: which ones?
ush Underwood: i dont tell
ush Underwood: :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Apmelsprivatabankman: why?
ush Underwood: thought its a good end of our visit .. to say so