lördag 25 oktober 2014

"we gained 4 kilometers to find before us new trenches"

Butchery (English version) from iono allen on Vimeo.

"The latest attack cost (figures given by officers) eighty thousands men and one billion 5 hundred millions of francs for munitions.
And at this price, we gained 4 kilometers to find before us new trenches."
Michel LANSON - July1915

1914-1918 World War I: 9 millions dead, 8 millions disabled.

Filmed in Second Life®, October 2014.

For MachinimUWA VII "Transcending borders":

fredag 24 oktober 2014

En härlig torsdag i SL

Öppningen av samlingsutställningen EvoLution TransMissionGalerie des Machines kunde knappast misslyckas. Dels ligger galleriet mitt i Paris som det såg ut för 100 år sedan.

Dels hade konstkurator Olympe Rhode lockat till sig en grupp mycket intressanta konstnärer (se hennes presentation i mitt förra inlägg).

Dels hade hon bjudit in Lisa Brune till en livekonsert och DJ szavanna Sunshine till ett set för att fira den indiska högtiden Diwali. Kludden var glad att han inte missade detta!

torsdag 23 oktober 2014

Inauguration of exhibition&indian music @ La Galerie des Machines

The "Galerie des Machines" is pleased to offer its new collective exhibition:
• EvoLution TransMission •
and has the pleasure to invite you to the opening Thursday, October 23 from 21 H 00 France (12 PM SLT)
- 12 PM SLT) Raga (Indian traditional music by Asmita Duranjaya
- 12:30 PM SLT) Live concert with Lisa Brune
- 1:30 PM SLT) Indiana Songs animated by SunShine
(dresscode: indian style)

Olympe Rhode Présentation

1st floor

** In the heart of 4 women


* L' INSTINCT de CIEL by BRUNE MERLIN ( RL paintings ) and OLYMPE RHODE (digital creations)

Time travel, journey to heartof our life and its colors.
                     We will focus in the fall nascent: The sun is on the horizon and the sky at sunset sometimes reflections of old gold.
                     The earth is hot and wins the vital need to draw, paint, create before forget ...
                     And slowly, the wind will carry us ... and life will move, from one corner of the horizon to the other.

* TIME OUT: Sculpture made by LOULY LOON accompany our pictures as evidence and participate in the highlight of this exhibition with poetry and delight in a SteamPunk style popular at the Galerie des Machines.

* KATI HORNA (1912-2000)Humanist photographer "d' Avant Garde" .

As Kapa or Kertész, her Hungarian compatriots, Kati fled conflicts of Hungary 30s.
                     She says in 1993: "I fled Hungary, I fled Berlin, I fled Paris, I left everything in Barcelona ... when Barcelona fell, I did not able to get my stuff back, I again lost everything. I arrived in a fifth country, Mexico, with my Rolleiflex in shoulder, I could not take anything else. "
                     It is in Spain during the Civil War she sharpens her eyes and began to cultivate the strange mix of photojournalism and surrealism that mark her work thereafter.
                     In Mexico, her adopted country, she worked alongside great figures of surrealism, the Panic movement and artistic avant-garde Mexican. She then worked as a reporter and graphic teaches photography at the Ibero-American University in Mexico City.

** BRUNO SCHMELTZ ( french painter ) et TAIKOGO AKINA ( 3 D creator )


Bruno Schmeltz always painted in a hyper-realistic style, but the surreal content. His dreamlike landscapes are obviously linked to the beauty of the Pyrénées (France), the last land of shepherds and silence.
                     The works of Bruno Schmeltz carry in unlikely dreamscapes where giant alongside naked melancholy women, where the shipyard was invited in traditional Pyrenean landscapes or where ruined cities are the theater of life.
                     These thematics reflect the impregnation of his personal history and his relation to men and to himself, to time, nature and urbanism and to his region.
Everything is duality in the artist that displays an artistic singularity that challenges. The symbols dotting his paintings such riddles while mingling in a figurative kind.
                     SCHMELTZ Dali painted face of Pyrenean marble quarries ..

And it is natural that TAIKOGO, passionate and facetious creators, joined this artist: his creations in 3D, reproductions of works by Dali come with the works of Bruno, giving them a new dimension.
                     TAIKOGO notably carved "the rhinoceros", painted by Dali.
                     Back in history : Rhino that had been carved from animal allegories 6 continents during the World Expo 1889 in Paris, who lives the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower and the Galerie des Machines !!!!

2d floor

* RANADEEP - Remixing Properties: breaking relevance ! -


Hello and welcome to my new exhibition at Galerie des Machines!

I have been making fractals (raw, post-processed, made in various styles, in various softwares, all of it) and showing them in SL for a while...but I came to realize that there are certain properties and features in SL that can enhance the visuals and effects of the simple works that I create....as I am a fractal artist, these properties or features are not really relevant to my works....but then if I look beyond the relevance factor and actually integrate them with what I do....the same I did before becomes new....it gives another level and dimension to the same works and brings out a new perspective.

I present the result of my experiments, in this exhibition - Remixing Properties: Breaking Relevance!

Hope you enjoy! Regards, Ranadeep

* CHIMKAMI - "Sens dessus-dessous" Topsy turvy


Topsy turvy universe, where curiosity, fun, tenderness, darkness , humor, emotion, anxiety, feelings, reflection are mixing ....

Come stroll you with delight or horror and maybe lose yourself .

Welcome to (very lovely) Chim's world .






OSFE has installed all nature in the gallery, in Paris!
                   An exhibition to challenge us ...
                   Thinking on the impact of man on the nature, the biosphere, the planet, past and present.
                   Civilization is the flower of evolution. Since the beginning of civilization, humans have altered the natural processes of the environment tapping into the organic reserves of the planet's ecosystems. (already lighting a fire) His action was useful, since natural elements become resources since man not only exists, but is now able to use.
                   But the impact of man is not it becoming detrimental to their own well-being and even survival?

Sky Box

** Gents Beauty Saloon : by TUTSY NAVARATHNA


A very high colorful and "inhabited" exhibition.
                  But let talk Tutsy, inspired and talented RL and SL director, absolutely sublime of plenty rewarded films.
                  Tutsy living in India for many years.
                   "Vanakam! Olympe offered me to do an exhibition on India. I finally opted for an installation that is more than a traditional exhibition, can feel India and its paradoxes.
                     Evolution of a great country, transmission of an ancient culture, India is a curious mix, unique in the world, where all opposites meet.
                     You do not escape course also to the presence of the Indian Kitch inimitable through signs and hand-painted tables
                     Ravi Varma. "

Enjoy your visit !

Do not hesitate to contact me for any information or if you want to expose!
.. And do not forget to join the group " Galerie des Machines Paris 1900" to be informed of our exhibitions, openings, concerts.
See you soon :))



Farbror Ib citerar

Metaphysics is a restaurant where they give you a 30,000 page menu and no food.
--- Robert Pirsig

Efter raset för Malmö i CL är det skönt att läsa att allt är ingenting

“First, it is important to realize that there probably isn’t anything here anyway… Of course we are part of and surrounded by things; but at a deep level there is nothing… The bottom line, prejudiced with a dash of speculation, is that the initial endowment of energy at the creation was exactly zero, and the total energy has remained fixed at that value for all time… What we see around us is in fact nothing, but Nothing that has been separated into opposites to give, thereby, the appearance of something”. (Peter Atkins, 2011)

onsdag 22 oktober 2014

Ingen bildgåta men..

En gång i tiden hade denna stad ett medborgarcenter i SL. Idag spelar de i champions leauge. Finns det ett samband?

Apmelsprivatabankman, Apollon, Ush och andra tysktalande på Trance @ Burn2

Apmelsprivatabankman fick höra att det var Tutu Tuesday igår på Burn2 och tog tillfället i akt att pröva en liten sexig demo på sin meshkropp.

Det finns flera dansbanor inom området och första stället verkade inte ha fattat kvällens tema.

Om det var väl formellt och kallt där var det överhettat på nästa.

På den centrala scenen mitt på playan var det helt öde.

Apmelsprivatabankman tog hjälp av sin tyska vän Ush att hitta stället där man hängde för kvällen här i öknen.

Vi hittade till en DJ-scen där det var trance för hela slanten. Vem hittar vi där om inte Apollon!

Apollon (apollon.allen): shouts: YAY Apmel and USH
Apmelsprivatabankman: hej där apollon :)
Apollon (apollon.allen): härligt att se min privata bankman på plats :D

Annars vimlade stället av tysktalande. En samurajliknande avatar var extra vänlig :)

Fuchs (fuchs.fosse): kiss apmel
[2014/10/21 14:22] >>>: Fuchs Fosse kuesst Apmelsprivatabankman Resident zaertlich auf den Mund.

Fuchs (fuchs.fosse): si ju ohne klotes
Apmelsprivatabankman: I have a tutu on.. it is tutu tuesday
Fuchs (fuchs.fosse): hahahahahahaha lofe ju alle
Cass (cassandrasandthistle): ja ich bin deutsch lebe aber in america
Gerrit Farman: mach mall aus
Gerrit Farman: tutu aussss
Fuchs (fuchs.fosse): ich bin america und life in german
ush Underwood: ich bin deutsch lebe aber in deutschland

Apmelsprivatabankman höll sig försiktigtvis nära Ush resten av kvällen.